My philosophy


learn something new

"We will make the greatest breakthroughs if we keep trying the same thing" - said no one ever. Big projects that require building complex and daunting integrations, industries full of technical jargon, and seemingly complicated systems? Bring it on. When most shy away from new ideas and challenges, I run full-speed towards them. Do I ever get tripped up and stumble? Sure. Do I learn a little something and get back up? You bet. My mantra is simple: do, measure, learn. The familiar phrase that agile developers cling to lends itself perfectly to a digital marketer. We will never learn something new unless we try something new.


be a good human

In todays big data world, it is easy to get bogged down by the numbers. Marketers are quantifying and analyzing people and putting them into boxes and personas. That's what we are suppose to do, right? Well, not exactly. If we neglect the human aspect, we miss the point. Don't get me wrong, spreadsheets, A/B testing, and charts make me excited, but what really gets me jazzed about digital marketing is making more human connections. The best (and most helpful) businesses are ones that relate in a more human way. A dynamic campaign serving you up data important to you and your decision making = marketing bliss. I aim to inform my strategy with data and human honesty. Always... (or most of the time). 


ask and answer important questions

What happens if we tweak a headline? Would anyone notice if we removed this feature? I am a marketing scientist, explorer, and artist. In business strategy, the only way to arrive at the right answers, is to ask important questions. Similarly, the best way to provide value to a customer is to ask questions, listen, and answer. Gone are the Don Draper days where marketers interrupt. Traditional advertising is quickly becoming less relevant as people look for information and have more power than they have ever had before. If information is power, my goal is to empower.


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