My story

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It all started in a nursing home. I was four years old, ready to take on the world in my new ballet slippers and a shiny tutu. Pythian Nursing Home was an unlikely venue for my big debut, but that didn't slow me down. I was ready with my ammo of cuteness and my mostly memorized performance of Me and My Teddybear. When the fluorescent nursing home lights hit me, I froze. Frozen because I noticed Harold. Harold was your average nursing home resident, but to me, he looked like my newest friend. Unprovoked, I marched right up to him, forgetting my tendu and plie combo that was bound to impress; I handed Harold my teddybear and asked him to be my friend. Why? Because I was looking for a way to connect (and frankly he needed the teddybear more than me).


I have exchanged the ballet slippers for stilettos and the tutu for suits, but the intent is still the same. It was more than my flair for performance and art that changed within me at the nursing home. Ever since that day, my commitment to connecting has stuck with me. I cherish the stories I collect, people I learn from, and experiences that shape who I am. My philosophy is the common thread that weaves through my life personal and professional life.


Currently exploring and eating my way through Miami, FL.